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    Fresh Water Surf is your source for the best in kiteboarding in the Great Lakes Region. The Lesson, The Right Gear, The Right Location, Near You ! Located on the western shores of Lake Michigan we live and breath Freshwater Kiteboarding. Here you will find all the information to access kiteboarding in the Great Lakes and areas surrounding them.

    Fresh Water Surf

    Want to get on the kiteboarding fastrack: start with the B-2. This is the only way to experience the feeling with making the lowest possibile investment.

    If you're new to the sport, this is the kite that will get you hooked!

    Learn to fly traction kite with a control bar right from the beginning. The B2 is recommended for use on land to learn basic kite flying skills and to prepare for kiteboarding. Flying the B2 simulates the flight of power kite, not toy kite. It is for first timers and friends that are not trained on full sized traction kite. Packaged complete with kite, 150 lb. Spectra line, trainer bar with winders, custom grips, and hand protectors. Included is a 32 page "How to:" field guide.